Thursday, November 26, 2009

Buono's Authentic Pizzaria

Buono's Authentic Pizzaria
401 W Willow St
Long Beach

While having dinner with the hottie last night at Lucille's BBQ, she talked about the great pizza at Buono's Authentic Pizzaria. So I decided to give the Buono's on Willow a try, they have another location on Ocean in Long Beach and the original location in San Pedro. This isn't too far from England Fish and Chips. Would fish and chips and pizza go together?

Honestly I don't think of Long Beach as a great pizza place. I have reviewed a places in Long Beach like diPiazzas, Z Pizza, Ristorante daVinci, a couple places on the Stroll and Savor, and Smooth's Sports Grille, but all of them have been average at best.

I had a coupon, from Buono's website, for a two topping medium pizza for, $11.49, with tax the total came to, $12.61; regular price $13.49. I got pepperoni and Canadian bacon. This was a fairly big pizza for a medium sized, 12 inches, with a medium crust with lots of cheese and toppings. They don't cheat you with amount of toppings and cheese at Buono's. I thought the pepperoni was pretty salty. I did like the Canadian bacon side though. There was a lot of cheese and well cooked Canadian bacon. Good stuff.

Service was pretty good. The young guy taking my order was nice and friendly. Buono's has about eight booths and the back room has another 6-8 tables.

Buono's is one of the better pizza places in Long Beach. Though I wasn't impressed with the pepperoni, I would go back and order other toppings. Even without the coupon, the prices are pretty good. I debated about creating a link for Buono's website but I haven't created links to other restaurants websites, so I didn't want to start now. I doesn't take much for people to do their own search and typing in Buono's Long Beach and finding their website site.