Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lucille's BBQ-Long Beach

Lucille's BBQ-Long Beach
4828 E 2nd St
Long Beach

I know I said I wasn't impressed with the Lucille's BBQ in Brea. But the hottie I went to Famous Dave's Pitt BBQ and Jaybee's BBQ with, wanted to try Lucille's BBQ in Long Beach. So we went to the 2nd St. location.

As with many other restaurants in these tough economic times, Lucille's BBQ has a special menu. They are offering smaller portions Sun-Thr. from 4pm until close. I wasn't that hungry and I wanted to try something different than their terrible spare ribs. So I got the spare ribs and tri tip combo, $12.95, with mac and cheese.

The ribs were again terrible, almost burnt, no smoke flavor, small, fatty. They just don't do a good job on spare ribs. But the tri tip was great. Well smoked, tender, flavorful, and just wonderful.

The mac and cheese was ok but tasted too much like a massed produced item, maybe even from a box. Nothing special about this.

Service was good. Our server was nice and friendly and we got our food quickly.

I wouldn't go back to Lucille's BBQ unless the hottie wants to go back. Even though the tri tip was great, I go for good spare ribs and I have never gotten good spare ribs from any Lucille's.