Monday, November 23, 2009

Coke Free Style-Fullerton

Coke Free Style Machine at Subway
2514 E Chapman Ave

As many of you know I did a review of the Coke Free Style machine at Carl's Jr. But the machine was silver at Carl's and to me Coke means that bright red logo. So when I found this Subway has a red Free Style Machine, I wanted to do a review.

This Subway is opened 24 hours. The soda cost me $1.62 and I made good use of all the flavors that Coke offers. You push the lever for ice, then using the touch screen you select what you want; Coke, Sprite, Dansani Water, Powerade, etc. Then press the pour button and you get nice refreshing Coke product.

I again got the Lime Coke because I like the crisp finish.

But this time I tried the flavored Sprite. Raspberry Sprite was pretty good, a bit too sweet. Strawberry Sprite; basically strawberry soda.

Again, I think this Coke Free Style machine is awesome. It gives people a bunch of flavor choices for their sodas. The fact that you can get 100 different types of Coke products, 24 hours a day is awesome!!!