Sunday, May 11, 2008

Famous Dave's Pitt BBQ

Famous Dave's Pitt BBQ
300 S Pine Ave
Long Beach

Famous Dave's is a chain located in Texas and Colorado, I believe. They opened a location Long Beach, trying to get the tourists around Shoreline Dr and maybe all the white people who think good BBQ is Lucille's.

I got the four St. Louis ribs, $12.99, with no sauce or naked as they called them. These were among the fattest ribs I've ever had. There were barely on real meat on the bones. The little meat that was on the bone was OK, a small hint of smoke flavor, but certainly nothing great. Porky's and LBQ, both beat Famous Dave's, and it's about half the price. The coleslaw was nice and creamy, certainly not from a box. But the mashed potatoes were too bland and really needed gravy. To their credit people in my party mentioned that they chopped pork and brisket was pretty good. I rarely if ever eat that stuff so I have no idea whether or not it was good.

Service was pretty good but I noticed the server called everybody either Darling or Honey. Interesting, must be a company thing.

Famous Dave's is too surburan and fancy for me. Give me the bulletproof glass and take out of Phillips BBQ anyday. Yuppies, white people who think they know what real BBQ is, and tourist may like Famous Dave's but people who have had real BBQ, would try it once and would never go back.

Update August 30, 2009.

Ok, I know I said I would never go back to Famous Dave's but the HOTTIE I went to EJ Malloys with invited me to dinner at Famous Dave's and I couldn't pass an offer like that up. Sorry no pictures of the HOTTIE, but trust me, she looked HOT in that summer dress!!

The night we went they had a special offer, anybody named David or Dave, got a free entree up to $15 or if their middle name was David, got half off, up to $7.50. So a good deal, if you know somebody named David.

So I got the St. Louis ribs and brisket combo, with cole slaw and potato salad, $18.99. Wow was I in for a big surprise. The ribs were very good. Nice smoke flavor, hickory I believe, good bark, and so tender!!! The bark wasn't spicy but well seasoned. There was more meat on these ribs than the first time I tried Famous Dave's. So that is always a plus.

Now the brisket, wow, was this great. I'm not a brisket kind of guy. I'm not much of a fan of BBQ beef of any kind. But was I very impressed with the brisket. Very well smoked, tender and just wonderful.

The coleslaw was very good. Mayo based, not too soggy and had a nice kick, they add horseradish to the cole slaw. The potato salad was average and they put too much onions in there.

Service was average. The server took forever to greet us after we sat down. She only came by when she felt like it and there were long periods of time where she wasn't around. She was nice at first, explaining the 5 BBQ sauces they have on the table. But then she rarely came back.

I'm glad that I am so opened minded about going back to places that were bad or average. Because you never know how the BBQ maybe. I'm glad I did give Famous Dave's another try but I now have concerns about the inconsistent quality of the ribs.

So I will go back to Famous Dave's, especially if the HOTTIE invites me again.