Friday, May 22, 2009

EJ Malloys

EJ Malloys
4306 Atlantic Ave
Long Beach

There are two EJ Malloys in Long Beach, one on Broadway and this location on Atlantic in the Cal Heights area of Long Beach. I'm not a fan of Mick bars but Malloys is more of a regular sports bar.

They have good food. I got the bacon cheeseburger with their gorgonzola fries, $9.95 and $1 extra for the gorgonzola fries. They ask how you want the cheeseburger cooked, I asked for medium rare and it was a bit undercooked. The burger is a half pound of beef with lettuce and thousand island dressing. The bacon had been sitting under a heating lamp. I thought the burger was pretty good, nothing great, but worth the price more for the quanity than the quality of the burger.

The gorgonzola fries are great. They are the waffle fries topped with gorgonzola cheese sauce and green onions. A nice combination of flavors with the seasoned waffle fries and tartness of the gorgonzola cheese.

Service is actually pretty good. The bar was packed because of it being Friday and I sat outside because the hottie I was having dinner with wanted to smoke. But the server came by our table and was nice and friendly.

EJ Malloys is a good place to watch a game, grab a beer and have some pretty good bar food. I would go back again though I may not order another burger.