Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pizza Buona-Moved

Pizza Buona
2100 W. Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles

I went on a Pizza Crawl in Echo Park. We went to two places that I have never been to, Pizza Buona and Two Boots.

Pizza Buona was the first stop of the pizza crawl. A family owned store that has been around Echo Park forever, they are a no frills pizza place.

We ordred a medium pepperoni pizza,$11,70. When I first saw the pizza, I thought it was burnt. But in fact this pizza was baked just right. This was a heavy pizza, lots of toppings on thin crust. I bet the used more cheese on this pizza than four pizzas from Dominos. The cheese was nice and gooey and melted just right. Lots of pepperoni that was mild in flavor and worked well.

Service for about 30 people was great. Nice and friendly service.

I would go back to Pizza Buona anytime. Don't let the outside appearance fool you, this is a good quality pizza place with good prices.