Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Duke's- Huntington Beach

317 Pacific Coast Highway
Huntington Beach

I did a review of Duke's in Malibu, and now I will review the happy hour at Duke's in Huntington Beach. The Duke's in HB is right next to the pier and right on the water. It is a nice location but you gotta put up with the pretenious, asshole, jerk people of Huntington Beach.

But Duke's has a great Taco Tuesday special. Mahi Mahi tacos, either grilled or fried, for $2.50. These tacos are great. A huge piece of mahi mahi, I ordered both the grilled and fried, on top of fresh cabbage, tomato, and a white sauce. The grilled mahi mahi is very fresh, flakey, nice firm texture. The fried is firm and tasty ont he inside and has a nice thick crispy batter on the outside. All the veggies are fresh. What was missing was salsa, gucamole, and sour cream for the tacos. I saw other people get them. I got my tacos in a plastic basket with no salsa or sour cream.

Service is OK. The $2.50 tacos are only served in the bar area. But the server I had wasn't around alot and the bar area was not that crowded. So I'm not sure where she was.

I would go back to Duke's for their Taco Tuesday specials. Otherwise I wouldn't be anywhere close to Duke's.