Monday, May 18, 2009

Uncle Andre's

Uncle Andre's
11715 Moorpark St
Studio City

Uncle Andre's is one of the worst fake BBQ places I have ever been to. BBQ is all about cooking the meat with the smoke of hardwoods. It is not cooking meats in a stupid oven, finishing them up on a grill, and drowning it in BBQ sauce, what I call Chilizing of BBQ.

I got the half rack of baby back ribs, $12.25. After I ordered them, I could see the cooks putting a half rack of ribs on the GRILL!!!!! The ribs were not better than any Tony Roma's or Chili's.. I knew the ribs would be hot to the touch since they were reheated on the griill. They were meaty, not much fat, since they are baby backs, and had a cumin and paprika rub on the outside. What a waste of money.

Service at Uncle Andre's SUCKS. The workers speak broken English, are rude, and not helpful at all. After I ordered the ribs, he told me the ribs would take 25 mins to be ready. WTF??? I told them I would eat there but the ribs were packaged in a to go container that had no napkins or forks or knives. I still ate there, got some napkins, forks and a knife. I finished eating but I looked around and there was no trash cans. I saw one of the workers and asked if there was a trash can. He said something but I couldn't understand what he was saying so I just left my tray there and walked out.

I will never go to Uncle Andre's again. Terrible ribs, terrible service and anybody who thinks Uncle Andre's is good BBQ, they are morons.