Friday, May 15, 2009

Sushi Koyo-Closed

Sushi Koyo
868 N Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar

Updated August 30, 2015:  The Sushi Nazi, as the owner of Sushi Koyo was known, has retired and Sushi Koyo, open since 1982, is now closed.

Sushi Koyo has been in Diamond Bar for almost 30 years. When you are greeted at Sushi Koyo, they ask if this is your first time. They expain to you that sitting at the sushi bar means Omakase only. Omakase is basically chef's choice. I, of course, went with ordering off the menu. Sushi Koyo is a no non sense sushi place. There are signs that says they do no serve such things like rainbow rolls. They are a traditional sushi restaurant.

Yellowtail-$4.25 I wasn't that impressed with the yellowtail. A bit mushy and not that fresh. I wasn't impressed.

Tuna-$3.95- Loved the tuna. Very fresh piece of fish with a nice texture and flavor.

Shrimp $3.95 The sushi chef must have been a little heavy handed with the wasbi, when making these two pieces. I was feeling that burn in my mouth and throat. But the shrimp was nice and fresh. I would order this again.

Blue crab hand roll-$5.50. What really looks like tuna fish in mayo, is fresh blue crab with mayo and just a wonderful flavor. The blue crab was filled through the entire roll, not just what you see on top. I was impressed and would order it again.

Service is good but then again we were the only two people ordering off the menu.

Sushi Koyo has a 10% off sushi, if you ordered $25 or more.

I would go back to Sushi Koyo anytime, though I would stay away from the yellowtail. I have reviewed two other sushi restaurants in Diamond Bar, Kyala Sushi and Yoko Yoko. Sushi Koyo is by far the best.