Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kyala Sushi

Kyala Sushi
1178 S Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar

I have passed Kyala Sushi all the time but I have never stopped in. So I decide to see what this is all about. They have been in Diamond Bar for a long time, replacing The Factory/Gia's, which was an Italian/pizza restaurant.

I wanted to get a taste of their sushi first, so I got the yellowtail sushi, $4.75 and the shrimp tempura roll, $5.50. The yellowtail was bigger than most sushi places. But not fresh, very mushy and lacked flavor. I wasn't impressed at all. The shrimp tempura roll was a little better. The shrimp tempura was big and crunchy, the imitation crab was fresh, the rice was good. This was a good roll but a bit overpriced.

I decided to order the lunch special, $11, with salmon skin salad, seafood dynamite, chicken teriyaki, shrimp and veggie tempura.

I was impressed with the salmon skin salad. There were lots of actual salmon on top of fresh greens. The salmon was flavorful and tasty. A good salad.

I didn't touch the seafood dynamite which was salmon mouse covering a giant clam.

The chicken teriyaki was very tough and rubbery. It tasted as though the chicken came from the frozen section of the market. The teriyaki sauce was very good.

The tempura came right out of the fryer and was great. The shrimp was huge, tender and crunchy. The sweet potato and zucchini were great too.

Service was pretty good. I think the server was the owner's daughter and the namesake of the restaurant.

I would not go back to Kyala again. I thought their prices were high and the food was overall average.