Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chicken Day-Closed

Chicken Day
2841 Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar

Chicken Day is a Korean fried chicken restaurant. It's an interesting concept. Three different types, regular chicken, spicy sauce, and teriyaki chicken. I got the half chicken, spicy sauce, $6.95. The half chicken gets you eight pieces of chicken. I placed my order at the counter and waited for the food to arrive.

The chicken comes and it looks as though they are boneless chicken. But I am careful biting into the chicken and good thing, since they are not boneless. The chicken has a very nice crunchy outside, the spicy sauce isn't spicy at all. More in line with orange chicken sauce. The inside of the chicken is very tender and juicy. A nice dish but something is missing. The pieces weren't that big and while it was less than $8, not worth it. I would say they would split one breast into four pieces and one thigh into three pieces, and the breast and thigh aren't the biggest to start with. They weren't much bigger than wings.

Service is OK. They lady who took my order, looked to be the owner and was nice and helpful. But the young guy there, maybe her son was worthless. She had to ask him to take my order, she had to ask him to ring up my order, he took a long time to figure out how much change I was due. It wasn't as though he was a jerk or unfriendly, just very slow.

I would not go back to Chicken Day again. The chicken is good but the pieces are so small, they are not worth the price.