Monday, December 22, 2008

Grand Chicken-Closed

Grand Chicken
150 S Grand Ave

I'm not sure why but I've been craving Mediterranean food all day. So I decided to go try Grand Chicken. I know, it's a chicken place so I try the beef dish. :)

I got the Beef Filet Shish Kabob, $7.99, with salad, rice, and grilled tomato. After placing the order, I see two skewers of ground beef kabob in the grill and I asked the guy I want the beef filet shish kabob. He assured me that I would get that. So I sat down and waited. Well the order came up and I got the ground beef kabob. I told the guy I asked for the beef filet. So I wait again and I finally get the beef filet kabob. The beef was very good, tender, juicy and flavorful. A decent portion with a good price. The rice was terrible. Tasted like two day old rice. Not good. I didn't touch anything else since the salad had a ton of onions.

I also got the chicken shish kabob, $7.99, and the half chicken plate, $7.99 to go. The chicken shish kabob was very dry. Terrible. Not much flavor and not worth the price.

The rotisserie chicken ithat I got was very good, tender, juicy, and flavorful. But my buddy had the chicken and it was so dry, he needed water to wash it down. Not sure why a place named Grand Chicken has such dry chicken. I would not order the chicken again, even though my was juicy because it shouldn't be that inconsitent. But the hummus is very good, not tangy at all.

Service was OK. They did mess up my order, even after I told him twice what I wanted. But it was fixed. They were nice about.

I think Grand Chicken is a great value and has good food. I would go back but I would not order their rotisserie chicken or the chicken shish kabob again.