Friday, December 19, 2008

Furious BBQ-Grand Inn-Closed

Furious BBQ-Grand Inn
4538 N Grand Ave

What is a BBQ restaurant doing at a dive bar? Serving damn good BBQ ribs, that's what.

First one of the few times, Yelp actually was worth a damn and I found out that a dive bar, Grand Inn is home to Furious BBQ. Thank you Donna S for the Yelp Review.

I ordered the ribs dinner, $10 with double mac and cheese. A couple minutes later is in front of me is four well smoked ribs and a huge portion of gooey, good mac and cheese.

The ribs had a very nice smoke ring and bark. This means the ribs were smoked, which means it's REAL BBQ. Not ribs cooked on a grill or an oven. I took a bite and oh so good. Nice, smoke flavor and tender with little fat or grizzle. A wonderful example of pork spare ribs. This is a stronger smoke flavor than other BBQ, they use oak to smoke the rib. But still good.

The mac and cheese was among the best I've ever had. Tender macaroni and gooey, melted cheese that actually coats and covers the macaroni. Soooo good. When I go to a restaurant, I don't want to mac and cheese from a box. This is home made, damn good mac and cheese.

I walked into this bar, knowing it's a dive bar. I walked in and a guy with tats all over and a beard longer than Santa, greets me and says HI. Always a good sign. I ask where is the BBQ and he directs me to the pitmaster who was sitting down at a table. I place my order with the pitmaster. The pitmaster is a very nice man. He talked to me about the history of him serving his BBQ at the Grand Inn. He took my order and served me the food in the timely manner.

The Grand Inn allows smoking inside the bar, not good. When I come here next time, I will order my ribs to go. I can't stand being in a smoked filled room. This is one of the better BBQ places around. Not exactly where I expect a BBQ restaurant but who cares when the BBQ is so good.