Friday, January 11, 2008

Tony Roma's-Alhambra-Closed

Tony Roma's
68 W Main St

Everybody has heard of Tony's Roma's. It is not the place for ribs. They think good ribs due to the sauce. it's not. It's the way the ribs are cooked, slowly smoked that makes good ribs.

But I was very hungry and wanted to just pig out. So on Thursdays at the Alhambra locatio, they have an Endless slab of ribs special for $23.95. The ribs include two sides, I picked the steamed vegetables and corn. They will bring you plateful of ribs until you say stop.

The ribs are cooked in an oven and have flavorless without the sauce. The sauce is actually pretty good. I think if Tony Roma's bottled their sauce and sold it, the sauce would be a top seller. But the ribs are below average at best.

Service was good. The server was friendly and attentive. She brought the extra plates of ribs almost too fast but that's not really a big deal.

I will not go back to Tony Roma's again. I wanted to go for the endless slab and to review Tony Roma's.