Friday, January 11, 2008


304 Brand Blvd

I think I found a better kebab place than Shirazz in Glendale. Carousel has a very good filet shish kebab, that is even better than Shirazz.

The filet shish kebab, $17.95. is very tender piece of actual filet. Ok it's not USDA prime, it's USDA choice but it's still tender and juicy. The kebab came with rice pilaf, which was very flavorful. And some seasoned pita bread. Next time I go, regular pita bread will be fine.

Service was OK. The server was nice enough but he wasn't around that often. He didn't bother coming by to ask how things were. After our meals were served, he didn't come back until we asked for the check.

I would go back to Carousel because the food is great. Sure it's a little pricey and it wouldn't hurt for more and/or bigger pieces of meat but the meat is a very good cut of meat.