Sunday, July 01, 2007


211 Glendale

Shiraz is my favorite place to go for kebobs. The meats they use are the best quality, they give you a ton of meat and best of all the food is consistent. Though service is very inconsistent.

For both dine in and take out orders they give you pita bread, radishes, mints, and onions. Sorry I didn't take a picture but most people should know what those are.

Pictured is the Barg Kebob ($15.95) which are, selected cuts of tender filet mignon, skillfully prepared and season, then broiled. I doubt the meat is filet mignon but it is tender enough and as you can see it's a hugh protion. The basmati rice is fluffy and tasty. There is a lot of rice but I always finish the rice before I finish the meat. The prices for the kebobs are a little higher than other kebob places but I feel they are well worth the price for the quality and quanities you get.

Service was average. We sat on the patio and the server and bus boy didn't come around as often. There were many times I needed a refill and had to wait at least five minutes. We also had to wait for the server to come and pick up the check. I always thought that's when servers are fastest. I have had great service at Shiraz and had average service.

I have been going to Shiraz for a long time. I will continue to go to Shiraz as long as the quality and quanity of food stays the same.