Friday, January 11, 2008

E Mei Shan-Closed

E Mei Shan
15848 Halliburton Rd.
Hacienda Heights

I had been to E Mei Shan once before and wasn't too impressed with the food. But I wanted to get some lunch and figured why not give them another chance. I ordered the shrimp with Chinese Broccoli, $5.95 and steak with black pepper, $6.95 from their lunch special menu. The menu goes weekdays from 11-3pm.

The shrimp with Chinese broccoli was pretty bland and flavorless. They needed to put something more in there. There were ginger and garlic but they didn't add any flavor to them.

But the great part of the meal was the steak with black pepper. What a treat. The meat was so tender and thicker than most beef at Chinese restaurants. There was so much flavor and taste to this dish, they must have taken out the flavor in the shrimp dish and brought it to the steak dish.

E Mei Shan is cash only, though they do not have a big sign. The service is good and the guy was nice when I said I need to go to the ATM to get cash. My order came up quickl.

I would go back to E Mei Shan for the steak in black pepper lunch special. Interesting it's not on the regular menu but I'm guessing they will make it for you, if you request it.