Monday, January 14, 2008

Khoury's Restaurant-Closed

Khoury's Restaurant
110 Marina Dr.
Long Beach

As I write this review, I'm so fucking happy!!!! That fucking NFL team in Indiana lost to the San Diego Chargers. YES GO Chargers.

The big draw at Khoury's is the all you can eat Maine lobster. The buffet, which is served Saturday nights, also includes crab legs, roast beef, shrimp cocktail, a pasta station, and a salad station all for $45.95.

You're limited to one Maine lobster per trip. The lobster are big when you get them. But some were missing the claws, others as you can see in the picture had one huge claw and one smaller claw. I only ate the tails of most the lobsters. The claws, which normally provide good pieces of meat were were rubbery and not tasty at all. The tails were a bit tough but they were good, dipped in the melted hot butter they served them with.

The snow crab legs were among the largest snow crab legs I've seen. They were served chilled and were meatly and tasty.

For the price you pay, you better eat a lot of crab legs and lobsters. I had six lobsters and two plate fulls of crab legs. These two items are the only thing good in the buffet.

The one problem is that most of the hot items have little turnover. So they stay under the heat lamps or steam trays for a long time and just get bad.

The roast beef, which they say it's prime rib, but it's really a roast beef. It's not from the same cut as the prime rib. The beef is very tough and not tender at all.

The shrimp cocktail is already peeled, a nice touch but the shrimp was overcooked and tough.

The pasta station has tons of seafood, crab, shrimp, and scallops, and fresh herbs and pasta with red and white sauce. I got the scallops and red sauce with some basil. The sauce was so flavorless. I've had better sauce in no name brand canned sauce. The scallops were cooked nice and saved the dish. I ate the scallops but the didn't finish the pasta.

Service is OK. I made reservations on Wednesday. I called Saturday afternoon to confirm the reservations and they had me on the list. I arrive about 10 minutes for my reservations and the two hostesses couldn't find my reservation. One hostess dressed as though she was going to a club right after work. But we got seated anyways.

Our server was slow at taking away dishes from our table, refilling drinks and getting more napkins.

The buffet line can be long. We got there at 7pm and they had one stem tray filled with lobster. Once the tray was empty, it took forever the server to go back into the kitchen and get another one. All the while the line just got longer and longer. Later on as two or three larger parties came in, they would get a few trays of lobster and would serve people faster.

I would go back to Khoury's again but only for the lobster and crab legs. Again to get your money's worth you gotta eat a lot of lobster and crab legs. I would say at least 3 lobsters would be worth the price.