Monday, January 21, 2008

The Crow Bar

The Crow Bar
2325 E Coash Highway
Corona Del Mar

Want to go to a place with pretentious people, overpriced average food? Well The Crow Bar is for you. The Crow Bar opened up in Corona Del Mar about six weeks ago and since it's new and hip, it attracts a lot of pretentious people.

I looked through their menu and most stuff like th quail eggs, $9, duck confit, $16, and the crowbar cassoulet, $20 didn't appeal to me. So since I figured this was a bar I would order bar food, a burger.

I got the Crow Bar burger, $9.50. A 1/4lb burger o ciabatta, tallegio and gorgonzola, and roasted tomato marmalade. When I read this I figured they were trying to come up with their own gourmet signature burger like Father's Office. The Crowbar burger leaves a lot to be desired. The burger was cooked medium rare, which how I ordered it. The ciabatta was soft, but not toasted, and chewy. But the burger was lacking. It was ok but certainly not outstanding. Maybe a little above a place like Red Robin.

Service was good. The server was fast, attentive and friendly.

I would not go back to The Crow Bar. Very average food and very high prices do not go well together.