Monday, January 21, 2008

The Counter-Irvine

The Counter
6416 Irvine Boulevard

I went to The Counter in Santa Monica and really enjoyed their burgers. So when I heard they opened up a location in Irvine, I figured why not try it again.

At The Counter you pick what type of burger you want. You have a choice of turkey, beef, or veggie. Then choose your cheese, toppings, and sauce.

I picked the 1/3 lb beef burger, with horseradish cheddar cheese, lettuce blend and tomatoes, and a peppercorn steak sauce on a hamburger bun. The burgers are cooked medium unless you ask for something else. I just asked for medium but got medium rare if not rare, there was lots of pink. But I'm not that picky about how meat is cooked. I can do medium rare and at times rare. But I figured they should be able to cook a burger properly.

The burger was good with the horseradish cheddar adding a nice kick to the burger. This burger was good but I thought it wasn't as good as the Santa Monica location. Sure, I am being a bit tough for them not cooking my burger correctly, but at the Santa Monica location, I got everything I wanted.

The burger and a Blue Moon, with tax and tip, was $16. Service was good as the server was helful and friendly.

I would go back to The Counter to make another combination burger. There are so many good choices. I may even try one of their turkey burgers.