Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Counter

The Counter
2901 Ocean Park
Santa Monica

These reviews should make Chowhound poster, Burger Boy very happy. Well maybe not since he hated The Counter. Burger Boy is a very good poster and has always come up with reviews that are right on the money. But he hates The Counter and I disagree. The Counter is very damn good. Burger Boy is one of the few Chowhound posters, who's posts I will read. He doesn't BS you with a bunch of crap. He gets right to the point. Burger Boy, when you read this email me and we'll go to one of your favorite burger places, J & J's!!!

At The Counter, there is a clipboard and you mark what type of burger (Beef, turkey or veggie. They also have a grilled chicken.) Then you choose the toppings you want.

I choosed the 1/3 lb beef with Tillamook Cheddar, lettuce blend, tomatoes, and honey mustard dressing, which is served on the side, for about $7. The burgers are cooked medium but you can order them any other way. I really liked the burger, nice and juicy and all the toppings were fresh. You can't complain about what type of toppings because you picked them. Burger Boy may think I'm weird, but The Counter's burger rank right up there with the burgers at Pie and Burger" and The Apple Pan.

Service was below average. Our waitress was your typical teenager who is just there for the money. After we were almost done with our burgers did she ask "How are things?" She didn't notice my water was almost gone and never bothered to ask if I needed a refill.

I would go back and either sit at the bar or take out. Or at least have a different waitress.