Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pie N Burger

Pie N Burger
913 E. California

For every time I hear about the Apple Pan burgers, I also hear about Pie N Burger's burgers. So I decide to go back and review Pie N Burger. I went to Pie N Burger about two years ago and I was impressed. So with the taste of the overrated Apple Pan burger still fresh in my mind I went to Pie N Burger once again.

I ordered the cheeseburger for $6.26. The burgers comes with thousand island dressing, lettuce and pickles, though I asked for no pickles. The burger comes nice and hot. The meat is so juicy, it's dripping everywhere. I take one bite and I love it and know it blows away the Apple Pan. The meat is nice and tender and flavorful. The lettuce is fresh and they put just the right amount of thousand island dressing. They only minor complaint I have is that they overtoasted the bun. I could taste some burnt parts of the bun. Otherwise I was very impressed with the burger.

What I am not impressed with is the service. I walk in and there is no hostess or servers. Two cooks are talking and I ask just sit anywhere? One of the cooks says Yes and I take a seat and wait, and wait, and wait some more. What the hell are these people doing? Finally a server comes and brings me a glass of water. Barely speaking above a whispers she asks what I want. I place my order and then I wait. While I was waiting the same cook who told me where to sit, asks me "Do I want to order?" Is he blind? I was ordering from the server less than three feet away from him.

The server was very rude and short, like she couldn't be bothered. She was talking on the phone, going to the back, doing whatever else she was doing. Then another server comes, who I'm guessing is the head server. All of a sudden she's friendly and you can't get her to stop talking. Hmmmm I didn't leave a tip for her due to her bad attitude.

I think if you get a younger, under 40 server, your service will vary. Get an older server and she will treat you like a king or queen. The first time I had a server who was at least 60 and she was awesome, my water glass barely ever got blow a 3/4 empty. Anything and everything I needed, she was there.

I would go back to Pie n Burger but I do feel they are a little overpriced. Not on the burger but the fries, at $3.15. Almost $10 for a burger and fries? Not a good value. The burger is well worth the price, adding anything else makes it less of a value. Overall I'm impressed again with Pie n Burger.