Monday, January 21, 2008

Sushi Saurus-Closed

Sushi Saurus
5260 E 2ND St
Long Beach

What a surprise!! I've been past Sushi Saurus all the time. But I've never stopped in. So finally I went there and I realize I should have gone there much sooner. This is a great sushi place.

I ordered the yellowtail, $4.25, white tuna, $3.95, albacore, $3.95, and scallops $3.95. The fish are cut so much thicker than other sushi places I've been to. The quality of the fish is great. At least a couple grades above Aki Sushi. This was so good. What a treat. They were all fresh, though the scallops were a bit on the mushy, chewy side. But the yellowtail was the best yellowtail sushi I've ever had.

Both the sushi chef and server was friendly but the sushi chef was a bit slow. There weren't that many people so I expected to be served faster. But he did make great sushi. But he could improve how fast he served the sushi. The server kept refilling my water glass every time it went a 1/4 way day. I wasn't lacking for anything from the server.

I would go back to Sushi Saurus anytime. The sush is top notch and the prices are great. Sushis Saurus is a small place, so go there early on Fri and Sat, unless you want to wait a long time.