Tuesday, December 09, 2008


707 Grand Ave
Diamond Bar

I hate Chili's!!! Ok I really don't hate them for the food. They serve good food, but what I do hate them for is their campaign about baby back ribs. They have everybody brain washed into thinking that baby back ribs are the way to go. They really aren't. Spare ribs are much better but you have to be a skilled pitmaster to cook them correctly.

I got the baby back ribs, $16.29, with regular bbq and honey bbq sauce. The ribs are cooked in an oven and while they are full of meat, they needed to BBQ sauce to make them taste good. The regular BBQ sauce was pretty mild, nothing great. The honey bbq sauce had a little bit more kick but again nothing great.

I ordered this to go. This location in Diamond Bar has been opened for about 5-6 months and the people who are there are nice and friendly. The bartender who took my order was nice and my order came up quickly.

People think Chili's is what BBQ ribs are about and the ribs aren't even BBQ'd. I would not order the ribs are Chili's. They do other items well but ribs aren't it.