Sunday, December 07, 2008

Fab Hot Dogs-Closed

Fab Hot Dogs
6747 Tampa Ave

I found Fab Hot Dogs by a fellow blogger, Famished LA. I'm glad I found this because I found one of the best hot dog places in LA. Maybe a Yelper named Rachel B will want to come here?

I was shocked that there is FINALLY a deep fried hot dog in LA. Deep fried hot dogs are well known in New Jersey, maybe the best thing to come out of New Jersey. The hot dogs are made differently, so that they can handle the deep fryer.

I decide to get the The Ripper, $2.75, with mustard and onions. I didn't want to overload a hot dog with a bunch of stuff, I want to taste the hot dog. Oooh this hot dog was sooooooo good. First thing be aware, the hot dogs are cooked to order so it's very hot. Be careful when biting into it. But it's sooo good. A different texture since it's ripped, but a nice flavor and good spice. I talked to the owner and he told me that they order these hot dogs directly from New Jersey.

The Manhattan Dog, $3.45, NY red onion suace, kraut and mustard. This hot dog had an amazing snap and flavor. The hot dog is different that the ripper. This is just like what you expect a NY hot dog to be. Long and thin with a great snap, not sure if the hot dog is by Sabbrett but damn close. The kraut was fresh and the bun held everything together.

The best thing was having tater tots, $1.50. OK a childhood thing but you gotta admit, they are great. Again cooked to order, this was great. They fried them just right, crisp on the outside, nice and soft inside.

Service is OK. The owner and his wife are running the store. When I got to the front of the line to order, the wife just walked to the side and got some orders out. I wish people would at least greet me and say "I'll be right with you." Simple statement but it goes a long way. I don't mind the wait just as long as I'm not left standing there. The hot dogs are cooked to order, expect a little wait.