Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Moonlight Pizza and Chicken

Moonlight Pizza and Chicken
9895 Warner Ave
Fountain Valley

Ok, I know you're not expecting to see Mediterranean food from a place named Moonlight Pizza and Chicken but this place is great. They offer a $9.99 all you can eat buffet with a soda, of Mediterranean food, everything from kebobs to salads.

The buffet does not include beef kebobs but almost everything else. I got the chicken kebobs and they were awesome. So moist, juicy and tender. Just wonderful. The kebobs weren't as heavily spiced as otehr places but still outstanding. The only thing about the chicken kebobs was that they didn't refill the steam tray quickly. There were long periods of time before the kebobs were refilled.

The rice pilaf was pretty good too. Not overpowering spicy but well spiced and flavorful.

The hummus was also outstanding. Very smooth and tasty. A wonderful treat. The pita bread wasn't heated, which would have been nice. But the hummus is outstanding.

The beef stew was OK. There were good amount of beef but the beef was a little tough. They were also pretty small but they had enough beef in the stew to make it ok. The dish wasn't that spicy. Again just OK.

Another thing that was just OK was the pizza. They sauce was very different. Much sweeter than other pizza sauces. The crust was OK and the pepperoni and cheese was good. I would have liked the pizza better if the sauce was different.

The rotisserie chicken was a bit dry. I believe this is the chicken served whole and/or with pizza. The chicken was fresh from the oven and had been in the over too long.

Service was good. The owner is a very nice lady. She makes you feel right at home. They do not come around often to clear plates off your table. But overall a nice experience.

I would go back to Moonlight anytime, just for the chicken kebobs. What a wonderful dish. Most places charge from $10-$12 for two skewers of chicken. This place is all you can eat for $10. Why wouldn't I go back? Next time I may ask for some shish kebob and see what kind of deal she would give me. They charge $11 for shish kebob, which includes rice, salad etc but if I got the kebobs for $5 or so, with the buffet, I would do it.