Sunday, May 04, 2008

Your House

Your House
2838 E. PCH
Long Beach

Your House is another Thai and sushi fusion restaurant in Long Beach. I've been to Aki Sushi but I've only tried their sushi. I thought the sushi at Your House was very good.

I ordered my standard chicken satay, $6.95. The chicken was tender and flavorful. I liked this much better than the chicken satay from Phuket Thai. They were lightly grilled but not burnt. As you can see from the picture they are huge. Nice and flavorful and well worth the price.

Then I decided on the sushi. I got the Angel roll, $10, with shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, spicy crab, and topped with Ebi (shrimp) WOW, this was wonderful. A great roll. Very fresh, very tasty. The shrimp tempura was so crunchy and combined so well with all the other ingredients, especially the shrimp. One of the best rolls I've ever had.

I was so impressed I decided to order the Cherry Blossom roll, $10, crab and avocado wrapped in tuna, the core is two pieces of salmon rolled together. I wasn't as impressed with this roll. The salmon that was in the middle wasn't fresh at all. It was very mushy and just plain bad. The actual crab and avocado wrapped in tuna was very good and freshy.

Service was below average. It took forever just to get water and when the water finally came, there was no ice. So I had to ask for a glass of ice, twice. They were very slow with everything, clearing the table, the empty glass of ice was there until I handed the glass to the server and even serving the food. I have no idea why? It wasn't that busy. The server never bothered to ask how everything was and it seemed as though they were hiding. They weren't around much.

I would go back to Your House again. But I would only go during their special Happy Hour, where all rolls are $7. I would not order the Cherry Blossom roll again, though and would sit at the sushi bar in hopes of better service