Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ristorante daVinci-Closed

Ristorante daVinci
2801 E Spring St 3rd Fl
Long Beach

Ristorante daVinci is located at the Long Beach Airport. If you still outside on the patio, you will see planes landing and taking off. It's quite a view.

I went their for their happy hour, where bottled beer is half priced and they offer free pizza slices. But I decided to order some appetizers, though they were full prized.

Mistro Mare, $14, which is seafood ceviche, with avocado mouse and radish. This was a very nice tasting ceviche. They had scallops, shrimp, calamari, and onions. This wasn't as sour as other ceviche and was very well made and presented. Was this worth $14? Not even close. It's good and they give you a good portion but $14 is a bit overpriced.

I got the pepperoni pizza, $10. This was a very thin crust topped with tons of cheese and pepperoni The crust was a little on the under cooked side. But otherwise this was a good pizza.

Service was OK. Happy Hour was crowded so the server took awhile to get to us. But they were nice and friendly, though they did seemed overwhelmed with the big crowd.

I think Ristorante daVinci is a special occasion type place. I think the prices are a big high. But for that special birthday or anniversary, it would be fine.