Thursday, May 22, 2008

Black Angus Happy Hour-Closed

Black Angus
Many locations.

The pictures are of the Black Angus restaurants in Chino Hills and Tustin, both of which are now closed. Montclair is the other picture. Monday-Friday, Black Angus offers half priced appetizers from 3pm-6pm. Wednesday most location extend the hours until closing!!

The first picture of the shrimp cocktail, $5.40, is from the Tustin location. Sorry no picture of the location. The shrimp were huge and very fresh. The cocktail sauce is weird. Very spicy but they use another type of spice, no horseradish, more hot sauce, mixed with ketchup. I almost always order this when I go to Black Angus.

The crab cakes are from the Chino Hills location, also, $5.40. The cakes are filled with tons of fresh good tasting crab, with very little filler. This is a steal and well worth the price.

The next three pictures are from Montclair.

The crab cakes her are also filled with tons of fresh, good tasting crab. But this was undercooked. They needed to pan fry the cakes a lot longer.

The chicken tenders, $4.31, were hand breaded wtih panko bread crumbs. They were nice and crispy and tender juicy, white meat inside.

The shrimp cocktail wasn't as big as the Tustin location. But they were very fresh and tasty, with the same weird cocktail sauce.

Black Angus is a chain and the food is pretty much standard at every location. Service at all location was pretty good. They do get pretty busy during Happy Hour and you may wait awhile for another drink or appetizer. But they are working hard and trying to serve everybody.

I would go back to Black Angus for Happy Hour. I liked everything I ordered. I doubt I would go when it's full priced but at about $5, all the appetizers are a steal.