Friday, May 23, 2008

Zubies Dry Dock

Zubies Dry Dock
9059 Adams Ave
Huntington Beach

Somebody told me that Zubies Dry Dock was one of the best deals in OC. So I decided to give it a try. Thursday nights are $11.95 prime rib night and the prime rib does look very good. But I ordered the Ahi, $11.95 with corn and baked potato. I should have stuck to my guns and ordered the prime rib. The Ahi was way overcooked. Ahi is best served rare to medium rare. This was well done. There wasn't much seasoning to the ahi either. Even adding some salt and pepper would have done wonders for this meal. The meal includes all you can eat salad bar, which has your basic veggies and was fresh, rolls, pre made rolls served hot, which were decent, baked potato, very hot and you can load it up with anything you want from the salad bar, and corn, from a can and nothing special.

Zubies is the type of place that you order at the counter and bring it back to your table. The cashier didn't know the menu that well, since he had to look and see if they served Ahi but he was Ok. Nothing outstanding and nothing bad about him. The floors are covered in saw dust. Thursdays are very busy with little league kids filling the place. It's very loud and crowded. The parking lot is too small since they share the lot with a karoke place that has some specials on Thursdays.

Zubies is better than The Reel Inn but that's not saying a lot. I did like the fact that my meal was served hot, prices are reasonable, portions are huge, and there wasn't an extra charge for everything like The Reel Inn. I think I will try their prime rib deal, if I can put up with the noise on a Thursday. If I do order their ahi, I will ask them to cook the ahi rare and hope they cook it to medium rare. If I get another well done ahi, I'm sending it back.