Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gallagher's Pub

Gallagher's Pub
2751 E. Broadway
Long Beach

Came here to watch the Lacker game and decided to have a few buffalo wings, $7.95. The first thing you notice about the wings, is that they aren't drowned in sauce. While I don't like BBQ ribs drowned in sauce, I do love buffalo wings drowned in sauce. The wings themselves are big, had a cripsy skin and a lot of meat. They weren't your mini wings you see more and more. They weren't overwhelming but they aren't bad. I still say Clancy's has the best buffalo wings in Long Beach.

Service was a bit slow. The server was nice enough but there were just not enough staff for the amount of people. I had to wait a long time for a refill on soda. I had to wait a long time for napkins and you know that buffalo wings require a ton of napkins.

I may go back to Gallagher's Pub and try something else but I hate mick bars. Too many drunk idiots and just a bunch of jerks. Hmm sounds like Notra Dame fans.