Sunday, February 24, 2008


803 E. Broadway
Long Beach

Clancy's is just a dive bar but they serve some damn good food. Too bad service is terrible.

I got the small order of chicken wings, $6.95, and the turkey club sandwich, $6.25. The chicken wings were among the largest wings I've ever had. Tons of meat on those bones. They were also among the hottest wings around too. This is among the best wings I've ever had. Anchor Bar in Buffalo could learn a few things from Clancy's.

The turkey club sandwich was overflowing with turkey, ham, and bacon. Everything was so fresh, almost like they just sliced the ham and turkey. The bacon was chewy and huge. I really enjoyed the food here. So good, so fresh.

What I didn't enjoy was the service. The server, who is really a cocktail waitress, was terrible. She was rude, not helpful and a bitch. She had such an attitude, as if I was bothering her. To cut her some slack the place was pretty busy and there was only one waitress and one bartender. But that shouldn't be an excuse for her to have such an attitude. She came and asked if I needed something, but I was in the middle of chewing and I don't talk with my mouth full, but the bitch she was, copped an attitude because I didn't answer her. Is she blind too? I mean can't she see I'm eating? She also seemed to be in a rush. I finished the club sandwich but not the potato chips, which were, Ruffles, and cole slaw, which she didn't give me a fork to use. But I'm not a big cole slaw fan and I wouldn't have eaten more than a couple bites. Maybe they were running out of plates?

I would go back to Clancy's but I would hope there was a better server. That shouldn't be too hard because the server I had was among the worst I've ever had!!