Sunday, November 29, 2009

Berth 55 Fish Market and Seafood Deli

Berth 55 Fish Market and Seafood Deli
555 Pico Ave
Long Beach

I had been meaning to go to Berth 55 but just really didn't have the chance. But I thought I would take advantage of no traffic during the Thanksgiving weekend and gave Berth 55 a try. I know I have been in Long Beach a lot recently but I was having dinner with the hottie at Lucille's BBQ and then trying Buono's Authentic Pizzaria that she told me recommended, and since Berth 55 closes at 6pm everyday, it would be tough to make it there before they close during a non holiday week.

When I'm having fried fish and shrimp, I am always comparing places to England Fish and Chips. Berth is more like Fisherman's Outlet and Pan-Pacific Restaurant where they sell fresh seafood and fried seafood items. At Berth's they will cook fresh seafood for you, at a price, about $2 more than the raw price.

Anyways I got the fish and shrimp plate, $7.10, that came with fries. They use a good quality fish, red snapper but the portions are small, I bet both pieces didn't weigh half of the cod from England Fish and Chips. The fish was warm, not hot, so it was sitting under a warming lamp. England Fish and Chips are cooked to order. The batter had a decent crunch but nothing good. The red snapper was pretty moist and flavorful.

The plate came with five small pieces of shrimp. The shrimp were warm, again not cooking to order but sitting under heat lamps.

Service is good. The guy at the register is nice and helpful.

Compared to England Fish and Chips, Berth 55 doesn't compare. Compared to Pan-Pacific Restaurant and Fisherman's Outlet, Berth 55 is about the same; decent prices, small portion, food that sits under heat lamps. I wouldn't make a special trip to any of them and would pick another place before going back. But if I was in the area, I may go back.