Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fisherman's Outlet

Fisherman's Outlet
529 S Central Ave
Los Angeles

Fisherman's Outlet is a seafood restaurant and market. On one side is the counter to order deep fried and charbroiled seafood delights. The other side has fresh seafod, ready for you to take home and grill.

I ordered the deep fried shrimp and scallops combo, $9.75. I shared a deep fried fish and shrimp combo, $9.75. Both combos come with fries. They do have a offer just fish and shrimp or scallops and shrimp, both with no fries for a $1 less. Unless you want average fries, I would stick with the seafod alone.

The shrimp and scallops combo, had nine, medium sized shrimp. The shrimp was very crunchy but there wasn't much shrimp inside. I much prefer the shrimp from England Fish and Chips, that I had earlier this week. The scallops were baby scallops, got about 15 or so. They were crunchy too but again not much scallops inside. Both the shrimp and scallops weren't that hot. They aren't cooked to order so mine were sitting under heat lamps for awhile.

The fish is white cod and was pretty good. The fish and shrimp combo comes with three pieces of fish. Again crunchy and some nice pieces of cod. But after having a huge piece of cod from England Fish and Chips, this combo about $3 more, doesn't compare.

Service is pretty good but it's loud and fast in line. Look at the menu and decide what you want before getting in line. There are tables outside to eat your meal. But it is very crowded and you maybe waiting awhile before getting a table. They have free parking in a lot behind the restaurant and plenty of street parking.

If I didn't make a visit to England Fish and Chips, I would say Fisherman's Outlet is very good. But it's average. At least their deep fried seafood. I would go back and try some of their charbroiled seafood.