Saturday, January 31, 2009

Joe Chicago's-Closed

Joe Chicago's
711 W. Foothill Blvd.

If you are expecting Chicago style deep dish pizza, do NOT come here. This is not deep dish Chicago style pizza by any means. This is more of an Italian restaurant than a pizza place.

I ordered the medium sausage pizza, $10.77. I should have known something was off when they listed thin, thick, and Sicilian style pizzas on their menu. I asked to make sure and he said the only difference between Chicago style deep dish pizza and our's is Chicago puts their sauce on the top.

What I got as a thick crust pizza. Pretty good but not at all Chicago style deep dish. The pizza had a lot of cheese, a pretty tangy sauce, and a thick crust. It was OK, nothing special. You can get a pizza from any chain as good as this.

Service is pretty good. I don't think anybody is from Chicago and certainly nobody who was there, knows what real Chicago style deep dish pizza is.

Even if I wasn't expecting deep dish Chicago style pizza, I would rate Joe Chicago's as very average pizza. I would not come back since there are many other pizza places that are better, closer to me.