Wednesday, January 28, 2009

England Fish & Chips

England Fish & Chips
2614 Pacific Ave
Long Beach

If you live in Long Beach and want the best fish and chips, you need to go to England Fish & Chips. Not only is the fish so damn good, it's so inexpensive!!!!!!!!

I ordered the deluxe combo, $6.90, 1 huge piece of cod, fried to a golden brown, 1 jumbo shrimp, and 5 scallops, plus a big order of fries. This is a STEAL.

The fish was so damn good. A huge piece of cod, covered in a nice crunchy batter and fried to perfection!!! This was so good. The cod was nice and flakey. I bet this cod was at least half a pound, if not more. Ala carte this huge piece of fish is $1.49!!!!! A steal.

The jumbo shrimp also had the same golden batter and was crunchy. The shrimp was huge and cooked perfectly. What a treat.

The scallops were meatball sized and fried to a golden brown. They were firm, not mushy and tasted great.

The fries are nothing special. But who cares. The fish, shrimp and scallops were worth much more than the $6.90 I paid.

Service is very good. The lady, who I believe is the owner, was very nice and helpful. Everything is cooked to order, so expect a five minute wait or call in your order. There are a few seats in the place but it's mostly a take out place.

I would go back to England Fish & Chips anytime. Great quality fish and prices so low, makes the best combination.

Don't waste your time at an overrated place like,
The Pike, that claims to have the best fish and chips in Long Beach. Just go to England Fish & Chips. There is no doubt they have the best fish and chips in Long Beach.