Sunday, November 29, 2009

Umami Burger-La Brea-Closed

Umami Burger
850 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles

I went to the Umami Burger in Hollywood but I wanted to try the original location on La Brea to see if there was any difference.

I go the Port and Stilton burger, $9, with blue cheese and pocas port-caramelized onions. The burgers at Umami aren't cooked enough for me. This burger is cooked too rare for my tastes, I don't want my plate to be covered with blood. The blue cheese mixed in with the meat and there is a small amount of caramelized onions. The burger was a decent size but worth $9? Not at all.

I will give Umami Burger props for having Coke made in Mexico, $3 a bottle. Anybody who says Coke made with that crappy HFCS, is out of their damn mind. Coke made with real sugar tastes so much better!!!

Service is good. I wasn't lacking for anything.

Umami wants to be the fifth taste, which is savory. I don't think their burgers are savory. Umami has opened a third location on Cahuenga. The La Brea doesn't have the smash burger, which I think is the best burger. I would only go back to Umami for a $5 smash burger.