Friday, June 19, 2009

Pan-Pacific Restaurant

Pan-Pacific Restaurant
1136 Nagoya Way
San Pedro

Located at the Ports O Call row of restaurants, Pan-Pacific Restaurant is your typical seaside restaurant.

I got the scallops plate, $8.99, with fries, cole slaw and a cup of clam chowder. The scallops were bite sized and crunchy but not hot. I waited about five minutes for the order and I expect the scallops to be hot but they were barely warm. Not good. But the scallops were fresh and firm. The batter was a bit thick but crunchy. This would be a very good item if it was served hot, right out of the fryer.

The clam chowder was surprisely very good. A bit thin, they could add more heavy cream to the chowder but lots of clams and potatoes and a good hearty flavor. This was served fairly hot.

I didn't touch the cole slaw. But the fries were very crispy but even then it wasn't warm.

Service is good, though a bit confusing. They have two entrances into the Pan-Pacific, with one entrance near the cash register and the other where you pick up the food. It wasn't busy when I was there but I know the two entrances have to cause confusion when it is busy.

I wouldn't rush to go back to Pan-Pacific Restaurant. The prices are fair and the quality and freshness of the seafood is good but they need to serve items hot, right out of the fryer, not some reheated or items that have been sitting under a heat lamp for 30 minutes.