Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Back Abbey

The Back Abbey
128 N Oberlin Ave

July 20, 2009. Please note: It has come to my attention that the person who I had a run in with, and thought was the owner, is in fact, NOT the owner. The person I had the run-in with is an expo, so where I put owner, has now been changed to expo. An expo is somebody who is there to help, whenever it is needed.

The Back Abbey is located in a fairly new retail development in Claremont. The development is the western expansion of The Village.

The Back Abbey is known for their beers and burgers. I got a Backyard Burger, $11, which comes with butter lettuce, red onion, tomato, pickle and 1-year-aged cheddar cheese served on a Brioche bun with a side of red remy. This was a very good burger. A good quality beef, cooked medium rare and topped with good quality toppings. The cheese added a nice flavor to the burger, the bun was soft and had a nice texture. I received a comment asking 'Where's the beef?' And the menu says 6oz burgers or you can get a 8oz turkey burger for the same price. I got the beef and yes it is a bit small. But the quality of the beef and flavor is very good.

The service by the server was very good. But before I went into the restaurant, I took a picture of the outside. Somebody who is an "expo" saw me taking the pictures and I guess the expo was trying to be a comic but failed badly. I was trying to ignore the man but he kept pushing it and I responded to his stupid sarcasm. I guess he was paranoid because other people were trying to copy his original idea of opening a restaurant. So this expo was a jerk, I was trying to ignore him but he kept forcing me to deal with him. He needs to understand he is there for customer service and not be some bad comic or jerk. He also shouldn't act like he is the owner, especially when he isn't the owner.

I was close to telling him off but it is just not worth it, though I told him I didn't find his sarcasm amusing. I then was seated outside and the guy came over and explained why he was paranoid, I just told him, I don't care and it wasn't a big deal. For me it was over after I sat down. But it was good of him to come to me and explain why he was so paranoid. He really should be more concerned about the quality of the food and service, than people taking pictures or copying his brilliant idea of opening a restaurant. And it wasn't like his restaurant was some architectural marvel. Like nobody ever opened up a restaurant in a mission style building?

As most readers of The New Diner know, I feel it is best to remain anonymous in order to give fair reviews. If I told the servers and/or owners that I am writing a review, I know damn well I would get different service than if I was just anonymous. If any owner has an issue with my reviews, I have no problems talking to them face to face. But I never tell a restaurant I'm reviewing their food, though I do get many questions about why I am taking pictures.

I'm hope readers of The New Diner see that I gave The Back Abbey a very fair review, even after having that run in with the owner.

Aside from the run in with the expo, I did enjoy the food at The Back Abbey. I would go back to The Back Abbey because the food and service was very good. I would like to try the Abbey Burger.