Sunday, June 14, 2009

Britt's BBQ

Britt's BBQ
408 Main St
El Segundo

Britt's BBQ has been opened for just over a month. The area near LAX is sorely lacking for good real BBQ.

I got the spare ribs and chicken combo, $11.95, with chili mac and cole slaw. I didn't touch the chicken but the ribs were just OK. They were very chewy and tough. There was some smoke flavor, but I get a feeling the ribs I got were grilled after being smoked for a couple hours or they had been in the warmer for too long. Real BBQ ribs shouldn't be chewy and tough. The meat should have that pink smoke ring. The ribs here didn't have that smoke ring or smoke flavor. When I walked outside, I saw a top notch smoker but I also only saw charcoal. No hardwoods.

Service is very good. There is both table and counter service but you're greeted when you walk into the restaurant. You're not lacking for too many things, though I ran out of my drink and she came by two times without asking if I needed a refill. But when I did ask for a refill, it came quickly.

Britt's does try but the area near LAX is still lacking a good quality real BBQ restaurant. I doubt I will give them another try.