Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Little Dom's

Little Dom's
2128 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles

Every Monday Little Dom's has a three course, Monday Night Supper Special for $15. The menu changes every Monday so what I had, when I went, may not be served again until much later.

First course: Shaved fennel and parmesan. Fresh shaved fennel on top of spinach with parmesan cheese and some lemon juice. Actually pretty good and refreshing.

Entree: Beef braciole. They use a top round cut, slice it thin, roll it with pine nuts and mushrooms, seared, then topped with a tomato sauce. The beef was too dry, top round doesn't have much fat, so if you overcook it, it will be dry. They overcooked it and it was very dry, even with the tomato sauce on top. The beef was fairly tender and flavorful. Not too impressed.

Dessert: Chocolate caramel tart. This was indeed tart. The chocolate was very tart, I want sweet chocolate. But the caramel and whipped creme almost balanced it out. In some ways this tasted like an almond roca without the almonds.

Service was good. I was very impressed with the server, when she asked if I wanted a refill and she told me that they charge for refills on Arnold Palmer. At $3.75 per glass that can really add up. I passed but I tipped a little extra for her telling me that. I was very impressed. I was also very impressed with one of the hostess. She was a hottie.

It is very crowded at Little Dom's and the small room will mean a loud room, so if you're expecting a nice quiet dinner, you may not get it on a Monday night at Little Dom's. Make sure to make reservations because all the tables are filled.

I wouldn't go to Little Dom's on any other night than Monday. All their menu items are overpriced and the portions are small. Somebody at my table got the spaghetti and meatballs for $14!!! What a rip off especially when the portion of spaghetti is no bigger than a can of Chef Boyrdee. I will say the meatballs were good sized, about the size of a baseball.

I certainly wouldn't go back when the beef braciole is on their Mondy Supper menu. Though I may go back next Monday for their basil risotto with grilled mushrooms and Alaskan halibut.