Monday, August 06, 2007

Smooth's Sports Grille-Closed

Smooth's Sports Grille
144 Pine Ave
Long Beach

Smooth's Sports Grille is now the only choice for a sports bar in Long Beach. It serves good quality food, at slightly higher than other sports bars prices but it's worth it. Legend's used to be their competition but Legend's was damaged by fire about two years ago and they still haven't rebuilt.

I normally don't order french fries but I saw their presentation and I wanted to order some fries. The seasoned fries, with rosemary and salt are served in a cone shaped cup. Great presentation. They come out very crispy and tasty. One of the best fries you will have. At $4.95 they are a steal.

Buffalo wings, 13 piece order for $12.95. They were all drummettes, which is always a plus. They were very mild, not spicy but very meaty. I'm sure you could ask for hotter wings but I was very happy with the size and taste of their chicken wings.

Quattro Pizza, $12.95 with sausage, ham, artichoke and mushrooms. We asked for sausage and ham on one side and artichoke on the other half. It came out perfect. Nice to see that the server and the kitchen can and do communicate. The pizza was tasty but the crust was too thin for my tastes. Almost like a cracker. But the toppings were good and there were a ton of them. Which is always a good thing.

Server was pretty good. We sat outside, so we could people watch. Good thing no scumbag smokers were sitting near us. Our server came by often to check on us even though we were the only people sitting outside. We didn't lack for anything.

I would go back to Smooth's again. The prices maybe a bit high compared to other sports bars, but the quality of food is well worth the price.

Update 8-14-08

I went to Smooths for their happy hour. They offer all appetizers except crab cakes for $5. So I ordered the Ahi Tuna, Smooths wings, and chicken fingers.

The ahi tuna wasn't fresh at all. It was very chewy and not good. They had a paprika seasoning on the outside but it didn't help the flavor. They need to use fresher ahi tuna.

The wings about half the regular order. Same great taste as before. A good buffalo wing but not that spicy.

The chicken fingers were crunchy but they were so thin, you had to look closely to find the white meat chicken. Ok it was only $5 but I wouldn't pay full price for this, even if you got double the amount of fingers.

Service was good but all the scumbag smokers were out tonight.