Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sevilla-Long Beach

140 Pine Ave
Long Beach

Tapas. I have to review a couple other tapa bars but I'm not too keen on this concept. You're paying $3-$5 for small, almost bite sized pieces and to get filled up you have to get about 3-5 per person. Not that the food isn't good but I just don't think it's worth the price.

Sevilla is on Pine Ave in Long Beach. If you go on a Friday or Saturday night be careful as there it will be very busy and parking will be tough and/or expensive to find.

Pictured is the grilled marinated chicken skewer, $7 and the shrimp croquetas, $6. The shrimp croquetas was nicely deeped fried. But they have very little shrimp and more fillers, like potatoes. Not worth the $6 price. I would say it was a bit spicy but nothing too hot.

The grilled chicken skewers were white meat chicken, with a nice marinate. I tasted some tangyness to the marinate. The chicken was moist and juicy. But for $7 I would think you would get more chicken. The chicken was very good but wasn't worth the $7 price.

Service was good. Our server was attentive, friendly and helpful. One thing, they must not believe in ice water. The water I got was chilled but there was no ice. I kept having to ask for a cup of ice. Maybe somebody forgot the recipe??

Sevilla has a Tapa's happy hour seven days a week, where all tapas are half priced. That would be a great deal. But full priced tapas at Sevilla are a bit high and the portions aren't that big, though the quality of the food is very high. I would only go back to Sevilla during their tapas happy hour.