Friday, July 27, 2007


125 N. 6th St

Italian food isn't one of my favorite foods. It's not that bad, but it's very heavy and I don't need all those carbs. I think most Italian restaurants are overpriced for just simple pasta and some sauce. I just stick to basic Italian food like pizza, spaghetti, and lasagna.

But it's not like I won't go to Italian restaurants. So I went to Salvatore in Montebello. Again I'm surprised at the amount of quality ethnic foods in Montebello. I have been to a good Chinese, Thai, Persian, and now Italian restaurant in Montebello. Of course there are a ton of good Mexican restaurants in Montebello.

So I order the half and half, of spaghetti and lasagna, $12, which includes a salad and garlic bread. Now normally I won't take a picture of garlic bread but damn this garlic bread was awesome!!! On french bread (Ironic huh?) they put a mild tasting garlic spread. It doesn't have an overpowering garlic taste, more of a mild taste. The bread wasn't hard, which I hate, but so soft. Man was this great. I could just sit there and eat the garlic bread. They give you some buchetta or however you spell it but I didn't put anything one.

Next came the dinner salad, which I didn't take a picture of. Instead of antipasto salad I asked for a green salad. They green salad had way too many olives and I hate olives. But they had nice fresh greens, tomato, and mushrooms. All fresh and tasty.

Next came a hubcab sized plate with spaghetti and lasagna. WOW was this huge. The lasagna was huge. This is a half portion? WOW I'm not used to lasagna being topped with meat sauce but since this lasagna didn't have any meat inside they had to add the meat sauce. The meat sauce was very good. Not too tangy, which I hate, and just spiced right. The noodles were cooked perfectly and there was cheese everywhere. One of the best lasagna I've had.

The spaghetti was topped with the same meat sauce and was also huge. I'm glad this was a half portion. I took a few bites of the spaghetti but I was so full finishing the lasagna, I didn't have room for anymore food. But the noodles were cooked just right. The only thing that threw me off is they don't grate the cheese for you. You have to shake it from a shaker.

Service was OK. When we first got to the Salvatore, there was a party of about 8 people. But they were just paying their bill when we got seated. So there may have been 12 people having dinner. But service was off. At times the servers were there. But other times it took awhile to find them and get refills on drinks. After we finished eating and they put our leftovers in boxes, it took at least ten minutes for the server to come around, so we could ask for the check. I always thought that's when servers came around the quickest!!

I would go back to Salvatore. The food is great. The prices, especially considering the portions you get, are the best.