Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stroll and Savor - Belmont Shore

Stroll and Savor - Belmont Shore is a great way for people to try all the great restaurants on 2nd St. Belmont Shore is a section of Long Beach. You buy a book of 12 tickets for $10. Each restaurant sets it's "ticket" price. Some are two tickets, others can be tickets. Most places will take cash. But the tickets are a much better deal.

Yen Sushi
4905 2nd St.

I got the Philadelphia roll and shrimp tempura at Yen Sushi. The Philadelphia roll, cream cheese, asparagus and avocado inside, salmon on the outside was outstanding. Very sushi and oo so good. And I didn't even put any soy sauce.

The shrimp tempura was very crispy and tasty. The shrimp was a good size.

I want to go back here for sushi. I was impressed with the quality of their sushi.

NY's Upper Crust Pizza
5291 E. 2nd St
Long Beach

NY's Upper Crust Pizza served their pepperoni thin crust pizza. Now understand that my favorite NY style pizza place is Village Pizza in Larchmont Village. So I compare everything to them. Well NY Upper Crust doesn't compare. The pizza is OK but nothing special. I felt like I was eating a pizza from Costco.

I will not go back to NY Upper Crust Pizza. Why should I, if I can get better pizza at my local Costco.

Magic Lamp
5020 E 2nd St
Long Beach

A Middle Eastern Restaurant that surprisingly has a lot of competition on 2nd St. Open Sesame and another middle eastern restaurant are within walking distance of Magic Lamp.

They served a combo plate with beef shawarma, salad, hummus, rice, and falafel. I found the beef to be very dry and lacking any flavor or spices. The salad was fresh but nothing outstanding. The hummus was nice and fresh. I think the best part of this combo. The rice was pretty standard, nothing special. The falafel was overcooked and not flavorful at all.

The girl who was serving was a bitch. She was rude and pretty arrogant. I also noticed she gave the woman in front of me much more food than I got. Not sure why. I wasn't rude or anything to her. Maybe she's just a bitter bitch.

I would not go back to Magic Lamp.

Caffe La Strada
4716 E 2nd St
Long Beach

This place was amazing. The pizza was very good. Lots of gooey melted cheese and good pepperoni. But the shrimp scampi!!! WOW So tasty and flavorful. The fresh shrimp were a good size and the scampi was maybe the best scampi, I've ever had.

I will go back here but I saw their menu and it's a bit on the pricey side. But if they give you five or more shrimp in their shrimp scampi, it's well worth the price.

I enjoyed my Stroll and Savor- Belmont Shore. This is a yearly event during the summer months. Most of the restaurants on 2nd St. do offer a taste of their food. A great way to spend a summer night.