Monday, December 15, 2008

Alondra Hot Wings-Long Beach-Closed

Alondra Hot Wings-Long Beach
245 Pine Ave
Long Beach

I went and really enjoyed Alondra Hot Wings in Montebello. They have two other locations, Paramount and Long Beach. I went to the Long Beach location and found the food to be just as good as the Montebello location.

I got the fried shrimp, $9.95, and the 16 piece wings, half hot and half honey bbq, $9.45. There must be a 50 cents charge to split flavors because the menu price was $8.95 for 16 wings.

The fried shrimp was so good. They came right out of the fryer and was awesome. The outside was crunchy and the shrimp was butterflied and huge. Great stuff. Though the sauce they gave me was basically ketchup. There was no hint of horseradish to make a cocktail sauce. Oh well, no big deal. The shrimp is so good it doesn't need any dipping sauce. I think the menu said six shrimp, but I got seven and I'm not complaining.

But anyplace called Hot Wings has to be judged by their wings. Well Alondra matches up with any other wings place. Ok they don't have girls in orange shorts serving up the wings but when the wings are this good, who cares. The wings are small, crispy and tasty. They do not cheat you out of sauce. They put a ton of sauce on the wings. The wings are so crispy and tasty. I love them.

Service was good considering there were a huge group of about 25 people. The servers are friendly and nice.

I would go back to any Alondra Hot Wings. So good and so tasty.

Update December 21, 2009

I went back to Alondra Hot Wings since the hottie I went to Lucille's BBQ-Long Beach with, wanted to see how the wings compared to Wings Stop.

I wasn't in the mood for wings but I wanted to try some other menu items. So I got the fish and chips, $9.99. Out came three pieces of what looked like a good sized fish. But one look inside and you will see a lot of batter and filling and not much fish. The fish was good, nice texture, and firm fish. But there just wasn't a lot of it. The batter has a bit of a rough texture. The tarter sauce had a nice tangy flavor.

As readers of The New Diner know, my favorite place for fish and chips is England Fish and Chips, and the fish and chips at Alondra do not come close to the fish at England.

One thing that got me was the price of soda. I ordered a coke and it was $3.95!!! Sure it was free refills but that price is just out of line.

Service was very good. The server and nice and friendly and helpful. We weren't lacking for anything.

I still haven't tried the pizza at any of the Alondra Hot Wings I've been to; Montebello and Alhambra but I do know that I won't try the fish and chips again. Maybe next time I go to the Alondra Hot Wings in Paramount and I'll finally try the pizza.