Sunday, December 14, 2008

Joe's Pizza-Santa Monica

Joe's Pizza-Santa Monica
111 Broadway
Santa Monica

As readers of The New Diner know, I love Village Pizzeria for NY style pizza. Nothing in LA comes close. But a fellow foodie told me about Joe's Pizza in Santa Monica so I decided to give it a try.

I got the plain slice, $2.75, and a pepperoni slice, $3.25. The plain slice was very crispy, almost too well done, and didn't have a lot of gooey cheese. It's ok but doesn't come close to Village Pizzeria. The pepperoni was the same, crust overcooked and not enough cheese. The pepperoni were ok, nothing special.

Service was good. Greeted as I walked in, order taken, and friendly people. Cash only is written on the register but they will take credit cards on order of $18 or more.

I read some people say the prices are a bit high but I found them to be fair. But I didn't think the pizza was anything great. I much prefer Village Pizzeria or Rocco's.