Monday, February 26, 2007

Village Pizzeria

Village Pizzeria
131 Larchmont

One of the best things about LA is that you can find almost any kind of food, from any part of the world. I used to be a big fan of Chicago style pizza. But while I still like a good Chicago style pizza, I think my favorite style of pizza is the New York style. This has nothing to do with my girlfriend being from New York. It's just a matter of enjoy the simpliest form of food.

I have found the best NY style pizza place, west of New York. It's in Larchmont Village section of LA. Village Pizzeria is the best. The pizza is just soo damn good. You can order pizza by the slice or an entire pie. Plain slices are $$1.75 and with one topping is $2.25. I got one plain slice and one with pepperoni.

The first thing you will notice about the pizza is the size. It's huge. Bigger than Reggie Jackson and George Steinbrenner's egos combined. The two slices are about as big as some places medium and large pizza. I folded the plain slice and took a bite into heaven. What a great pizza. The cheese was so gooey, the crust was crispy yet chewy, a perfect combination. The sauce was tangy and added great flavor to the pizza.

The pepperoni slice was filled with pepperoni that was spicy and flavorful. They improved heaven when they added the pepperoni.

Service is very good. You get greeted right as you enter the restaurant. The people are friendly and attentive. They come around and make sure you have everything you want.

I would and have gone back to Village Pizzeria. It is by far the best NY style pizza place west of NYC. Of course the only thing about going to a NY style pizza place is that you maybe surrounded by Yankee and Met fans. Booooooooooooo.

Update Nov 19, 2008.

I went back to Village Pizzeria and ordered a large pepperoni, $18. Awesome just awesome. I took the picture of the pizza after about a 45 drive home from Village Pizzeria. They opened a new location in Hollywood, I may have to give that location a try!! This is the best NY style pizza in LA. Don't waste your time anywhere else.