Saturday, December 13, 2008

Five Guys Famous Burgers- Cerritos

Five Guys Famous Burgers- Cerritos
11461 South St

I went to the Five Guys in Carson, and didn't really plan on going back to any location but I was by Cerritos and figured why not give Five Guys another try. So I went to the Cerritos location which has been open for about 3-4 months.

I got a bacon cheeseburger, with A-1 steak sauce, lettuce and tomatoes, $5.49. I get my bacon cheeseburger and there is no bacon. I opened up the foil to take a picture found no bacon hanging out, then opened up the burger and found no bacon. I went back to the cashier, told her there is no bacon. She asks if I got the bacon on the side. No problem, I say. She asks one of the cooks for a side of bacon. When the cook is about to hand me the bacon, she says make sure you give him kind of a lot of bacon. I got the cold, sittting out in the open for a long time bacon. The burger is nothing special. It's OK. It's certainly not better than In N Out. I also thought the burger was smaller than the Carson location.

From the last paragraph you can tell my review of the service. The cashier was very friendly and helpful when I placed my order. But she went way above good service when she told the cook to make sure I got extra bacon. So very good service.

Again, if I'm in the area I would go to Five Guys. But it's nothing great and is more expensive than In N Out.