Monday, December 15, 2008


118 E 6th St
Los Angeles

I know already reviewed Coles, but shortly after I reviewed them in 2006 they closed for renovations for about a year. Recently Cole's reopened under new management. So I decided to do a new review.

Coles invented the French Dip sandwich. That other copy cat place can make the claim but they are liars. Coles invented and has the best French Dip sandwich in LA.

I got the beef dip and pork dip, $8 each. Also on the menu is Au Jus for a $1. Now I had to get the Au jus but I think either the server thought I asked for extra au jus or he just didn't charge me for au jus.

The beef dip is the way to go here. Thick hand sliced beef, piled high on a crusty hard french bread. Perfect for dipping into the au jus. So wonder, so tender, so the very best French dip in LA.

The pork dip is awesome too. Nice tender pieces of pork, hand sliced, and piled high. Again the bread was hard, making it perfect for dipping.

Service was good though after I ordered the pork dip, the entire wait staff was called into the back by the manager. I saw the pork dip on the counter and I didn't want to wait anymore so I got up and asked the chef who made the sandwich if that was the pork dip. Just as he answered the server came and he took the plate to my table. He came around to refill drinks and was nice.

Coles beats the Copy Cat by a mile. The beef is a better quality meat, cut thicker, cut by hand, and the bread is harder which make it better to dip into the au jus. The Copy Cat's bread gets way too soggy even with a single dip.

OK the area around Coles isn't the best but I've never had a problem. I went at 6pm and it was dark but well lit and I had no problems.

I would go to Coles any time. I'm so glad they reopened and I got a chance to try their great French Dip, the French Dip they invented.